Have you always dreamed of wide-open spaces? A home where your kids can safely adventure? A porch to take in the Texas stars? 

Are you house-hunting in a big city? Does it stretch your price range? How much do you have to sacrifice for it? 

Before you sign on the dotted line, why don’t you look a little further out? 

About two hours further, to be exact. Right here in Goldthwaite, Texas, just down the road from everything. Where your very own “gold” life awaits.

Your dollar is actually Texas-sized here

Rural real estate is experiencing a resurgence and folks are increasingly looking beyond the city limits where investments have more value. Here in Mills county our real estate agents are seeing a big boom in property sales.

From prime hunting ranches to acreage for agricultural business to the perfect blank-slate lot to build your family’s dream house, our land offers buyers what they want most – value. And, we have the perfect house for your family. Or the best lot for your new agricultural endeavor. And we also have a great commercial space for growing business.

In our beautiful little pocket of Texas, the possibilities are as endless as the horizon. 


Down the road in Austin, a 2-bedroom, 1,000-square foot home with a 5-mile commute to downtown goes for $575,000+ (and you are lucky to get a yard.) That’s a tall order for a family of four. No matter what you choose, you sacrifice. Maybe it’s family. Or space. Maybe it’s your sanity and time lost in horrific commutes. Perhaps it’s a better public education experience for your kids.

That’s the value that Goldthwaite real estate holds – you sacrifice less and get way more. Goldthwaite offers you a chance to build a house – and a life – that fits your family instead of accepting deal-breakers to fit into the least-bad option. Whether it’s a new build or an existing home, your dream house is within reach. And, for significantly less upfront cash.

“Goldthwaite real estate is affordable – between great market value for commercial space and low cost of living, you save a ton of overhead costs.” – Rob Lindsey, City Manager 

If you fancy a restoration project, we have some real charmers with good bones. The sale price is low enough to leave a sizable renovation (and decoration) budget. Take this house near downtown Goldthwaite – a perfect 3/3 brick home with original wood floors under half a mile to all Goldthwaite ISD schools for $160,000.

Or this soaring 5/2 colonial stunner that’s just begging for a wrap-around porch to make a million family memories on (for 204,900.) Of course, these are move-in ready if you don’t want to make updates right away.


In Goldthwaite, land prices range from $3,000 to $5,000, compared to a state average of $10,000 plus per acre. Town offers existing structures for offices, restaurants, hotels and more. These price tags, combined with the absence of city taxes, mean that you’re looking at far lower overhead to expand or start a new venture. You’re also close to main transport lines as well as urban centers when you need them.

We are proud of our healthy business community. Some successful examples are a lavender farm, a B&B, a robust pecan company and a major lamb supplier. All credit Goldthwaite’s accessibility, connectivity, and affordability with their ability to achieve commercial success.

Benefits of Goldthwaite real estate 

One of the biggest benefits of Goldthwaite real estate is our incredible quality of life. You can build a life you love – raise your family on your dream property, have a successful career, and also live slowly and intentionally.

Low taxes, low cost of living

In addition to zero state income taxes, the city of Goldthwaite levies no property taxes. We also offer some of the lowest utility rates in the State. Goldthwaite has low labor costs, low cost of living and low property cost.


Goldthwaite, Texas, is right down the road from everything. We’re 1.5 to 2 hours away from major metros like Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. A short drive down some beautiful roads. 

City business ventures are plain hard – everything – from land-use regulation to permitting, to rent or mortgage costs, to the internet is easier in Goldthwaite. There aren’t many places like it and the possibilities are really endless! – City Manager, Rob Linsdey 


Another selling point – especially for commercial interest or remote workers – is that the entire town has high-speed fiber broadband, provided by Central Texas Telecommunications – so connectivity is never an issue. Thanks to our gig-city status, we have big-city opportunities from our rural little corner of Texas Hill Country paradise.


When you put your roots down in one, you immediately join a tight-knit, supportive community. Bonds are strong in small towns with connection, family, and friendship being ingrained into our core values. Here you can enjoy family bonding, communal pride and neighbors who lend a helping hand when they see a friend in need. This same neighborly sentiment extends to our business community. 

Show me the money

What are your next steps? First, contact one of our fantastic realtors. Second, figure out the financing. A lot of folks are surprised when we tell them that we have lending options right here in town. The First State Bank of Central Texas and Mills County State Bank both offer mortgage loans, farm credit options, FHA and USDA loans. And, of course, you are welcome to keep your big lender of choice. 

Take it from the pro

In my 15 years in Goldthwaite real estate, I’ve seen the market change. Once the purchases were more geared to recreation – hunting and weekend ranch escapes. But more and more, families are choosing Goldthwaite as their primary residence. 

I’ve noticed an underlying theme. Most clients are looking to trade in city craze for a slow pace. They want affordability and an alternative to being house poor. They want to stop sacrificing just to keep up with the grind. They want value, low taxes and low overhead costs. They’re willing to give up Uber eats for a yard where their children can play and they can live life on their terms. And that’s why they ultimately choose Goldthwaite. 

This trend started pre-COVID, as city costs became unmanageably high. But it’s clear from increased interest in 2020 that the impact of metropolitan restrictions and unrest encourages people to relocate now that they can work from anywhere. We also have citywide fiber internet, so working remotely is easy here. People come and see the supportive community, the high quality of life, and they stay. 

From great schools to affordable housing to business opportunities, to healthcare, to community spirit – Goldthwaite really offers it all. You don’t have to sacrifice much to love your life here. 

Peggy York  – Realtor, Ranch House Realty 

Ready to see a sold sign on your very own Goldthwaite investment? We hope so.

Welcome to our wonderful community, we’re excited to call you neighbor.