We’ve been sitting on a big secret up here in the Texas Hill Country. The secret to the American dream – to a satisfying life, the attainment of happiness and peace of mind. It’s the small-town Texas gem, our wonderful home – Goldthwaite, Texas.  

Just 1.5-hours away from Austin’s twinkling city limits Goldthwaite is a central Texas town brimming with promise. Our welcoming community – rife with charm – is built upon connection and friendship, wide-open spaces, deep entrepreneurial spirit, and the shared enjoyment of peaceful, high-quality lives. Golden lives, if you will.

If you’ve been feeling the pull of simpler times, less sacrifice, and a fulfilling life lived on your terms, you’re not alone. More and more frequently we’re seeing folks trade-in overpriced and undersized apartments to establish roots – and homes – in more rural areas. 

Here’s why: urban cores have a lot of opportunities, but increasingly at the cost of stymied entrepreneurial and family growth opportunity. In Goldthwaite, there’s freedom and time to build a life that puts the important things first. A life that is built on community, comfort, independence, and a relaxing pace.

Moving on up…to homeownership

Ready to stop renting and build your own equity? Purchasing a home in a major city has become increasingly unaffordable. Buyers are often forced to sacrifice their wish-list items like yards, garages, square footage, and remodel budgets. They also frequently become house poor, which limits their quality of life. But Goldthwaite real estate is both affordable and of greater value compared to urban cores. 

“It’s a classic case of more bang for your buck,” says city manager Robert Lindsey. “We’ve currently got real estate options ranging from less than an acre to 1,000 acres – and most of it will cost less than a 3-bedroom suburban house. The savings represent the potential to build (or remodel) the home that fits your family’s needs AND your wants. You don’t have to compromise the dream home for the dream life – you can build both!”

And, with no city or state property taxes, and affordable (and reliable) city utilities, your dollar goes even further each month. Plus, there’s no need to choose a home based on which school it is zoned into. Here, your kids join the students of Goldthwaite ISD – our excellent school system – which includes brand new elementary and high school facilities.

Following your entrepreneurial aspirations 

Goldthwaite is proud to be considered a successful home-base for a growing number of entrepreneurs. Sound like a counterintuitive reality to the ample opportunities that a city can offer? Well, thanks to our status as a gig-city status (a city with high-speed fiber internet) and our affordability, the barrier to entry – and success – is much lower.

In our case, being off the beaten path does not mean being unplugged. We enjoy greater connectivity here thanks to CTTC, and given the affordability of real estate and low overhead costs, we are uniquely well-positioned to pursue our entrepreneurial endeavors. – Rob Lindsey, City Manager

Goldthwaite is home base for lawyers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, farmers and ranchers, restaurant and hospitality owners, graphic designers and marketers – all who have all successfully built or moved their business to town. What entrepreneurial endeavors could you pursue in a business-friendly environment like ours?

Community Values

Whether you are born into a small town community or you’re putting your roots down in one, you immediately are integrated into a tight-knit, supportive community. Bonds are strong in small towns with connection, family, and friendship being ingrained into our core values. Here you can enjoy family bonding, communal pride and neighbors who lend a helping hand when they see a friend in need.

We are a strong community. A community that relishes a slow, satisfying life that prioritizes genuine, meaningful relationships. We are a community who is rooted together with our families and each other. – Mike McMahan, Mayor

By day children can roam freely, playing outdoors and following their imaginations to adventures, without an eagle eye watch. By night, your family can rest peacefully with a sense of security and safety. And day after day, year after year, we come together to support our neighbors in any way possible – whether it be a cup of sugar, lending a truck for a haul, or rebuilding a home after a storm.

Space and time – on your terms 

The fast and furious city pace is exciting until it’s exhausting. You might be able to DoorDash dinner from 45 restaurants within an hour, but convenience and choice come at a cost. The cost is the inherent restriction of city life. In the city, you are limited – in your movements; in your ability to make independent decisions regarding your home or business; in how your children play.  

A quiet rural setting offers you freedom from the frenzy and the rules that govern city life. You give up dinner on demand, but gain space and time on your terms.

Always wanted a skeet shooting range in your back yard or a man-made pond to fish in with the kids on Saturday morning? You’re free to build one. Want to build an art studio, workshop or wrap-around porch addition? No need to spend months tied up in a permitting process, just get to building.

Interested in homesteading and living more sustainably off your own land? There’s plenty of room to raise chickens and ducks for eggs and meat, goats for cheese, and plots for fruit and veggie gardens and even orchards.

Since your commute is peaceful and quick, and business days as long as they’d be in the city, you also have the time to pursue the passions that might have been on the backburner.

Sound like something you’re ready to check out? We’re just getting started – stay tuned for more as we welcome you to Discover Goldthwaite.