Do you like festive decorations, good company, and supporting a local cause? Then you’ll love this Friday’s Mardi Gras Hoopla at the Legacy Plaza Pavilion in Goldthwaite! As we saw with the Prairie Experience, the Texas Botanical Gardens know how to throw a fundraiser, but the Mardi Gras event will be less formal and a different kind of fun! 

Break out the masks, beads, feathers, and anything purple, green or gold because guests are encouraged to come dressed up. And in true New Orleans fashion, get your KREWE together to deck out your dinner table in themed decor. Get silly, let loose, and let your imagination shine, we can’t wait to see your creativity come to life! Prizes will be awarded to the “Best” tables. Best at what you ask? You’ll have to come and see! Attending solo or with a smaller party? We have seats available at pre-decorated tables for you. 

After a meal of red beans, rice, and gumbo, DJ Cajun Daddy will have you up on the dance floor, so don’t forget your boogie shoes! Then have a laugh trying games like chicken poop bingo, king cake walk, races and raffle drawings. Of course, there will also be a photo booth to capture all the excitement. 

All funds raised will support the development of Emily’s Garden – an outdoor classroom for children. The team at the Texas Botanical Gardens has big dreams for continuing their mission of providing a dynamic, interactive, lifelong learning experience for kids of all ages.

 Building Emily’s Garden will ensure our children learn the importance of being good stewards of the natural world while providing a uniquely immersive outdoor experience they’ll always treasure.

It is thanks to the community of Goldthwaite that Texas Botanical Gardens have been able to flourish and expand since 2016. These very events have funded projects including the Goldthwaite Pavilion, adult and youth educational field trips, and the future Native American Interpretive Center. The continued development of the Texas Botanical Gardens at Legacy Plaza is a cherished goal for all of Goldthwaite. We thank you for your continued generosity. 

So join us this Friday from 6 – 11 pm to get to know the Texas Botanical Gardens, party it up with friends, dance the night away, and help build a brighter future for our children. 

Today is the final day to purchase a table of 8 or 10, but individual tickets will be available up to the event. This event is BYOB.
Purchase tickets here.