If you’re driving up Highway 183, it won’t be long until you’re met by a sizable Pecans.com billboard. Impossible to miss, this is your unofficial welcome to Goldthwaite, Texas. Over the past 50 years, Pecans.com has become a staple of Mills County communities for its commitment to quality, friendly service, and delicious pecans. The shop’s unique positioning at the intersection of Highways 183, 84, and 16 has spread its reach throughout Texas, and the easily recognizable URL has lured loyal customers from across the country. Needless to say, Pecans.com is making big waves from a small pond.

A Little History

The story of Pecans.com is the story of a young DeWayne McCasland, a humble cowboy who stumbled into the pecan business by accident and developed into a major protagonist in the industry. In the early ’70s, McCasland and his father purchased a ranch, with the intent to raise livestock. After noticing pecan trees on the property, they offered livestock to the bank as collateral to invest in pecan harvesting equipment. In just one year, the McCasland’s had tripled their annual revenue and officially transitioned into the pecan business.

In the mid-80s, McCasland received a call from his son in college urging him to purchase the domain “Pecans.com.” Without any understanding of what a URL was, DeWayne bought the website for a mere $100, lasting for 10 years. Unsure of how to go digital, the McCasland team traveled throughout Texas, personally marketing their homegrown pecans, and eventually establishing a storefront in San Angelo, TX. Five years later, they began selling pecans online and unlocked a growth potential inaccessible to most pecan producers at the time. In his older age, McCasland decided to relocate his storefront back to his hometown in Goldthwaite where it has become a vital piece of the town, loved by locals and travelers alike.

Pecan Industry in Mills County

With neighbors across the river in San Saba calling themselves the Pecan Capital of the World, you may not realize the importance of the pecan crop in Mills County. However, Goldthwaite is a unique piece of the pecan puzzle as it is home to the only retail store in Texas with its own shelling plant – a plant that annually produces 3 million pounds of pecans. Instead of buying shelled pecans from retailers, Pecans.com oversees the process in their own factory, allowing employees to inspect pecans with premium standards. This is how Pecans.com is able to produce a visually perfect, delicious nut, considered to be a step above the USDA fancy grade pecan.

“I’m going to provide the very best pecan, no matter how much it costs me.”

DeWayne McCasland (Founder)

Premium Pecans

Speaking of delicious, the range of baked goods and spreads offered at Pecans.com does not disappoint. Shop raw and flavored pecans, pecan candies, savory spreads, and award-winning pecan pie. With such variety, it is hard to choose from all the pecan goodies in the store including pralines, pecan brittle, homemade fudge, salsas, salad dressings, fruit preserves, and even novelty gift items. You may just end up trying them all, which is exactly what we recommend if you happen to be traveling in the Texas Hill Country! But for you out-of-towners, remember you can always order online; Pecans.com ships to all fifty states and even reaches customers in Canada and Mexico!

Years of Success

DeWayne McCasland’s unmatched enthusiasm for the pecan business is the reason for Pecans.com’s great success. Many in the industry and in Goldthwaite, Texas are thankful for his influence and continued support of the community. Once one of the founders and regional managers of Pecan Producer, Inc. – a co-op of over 400 members – and a member of the board of directors for the Texas Pecan Growers Association, there is clearly a lot more to learn about Mr. McCasland. For his complete memoir on the advancement of pecans, pick up a copy of his book, They Must Have Been Nuts.

“The pecan industry is full of unique people working in a very unique process.”

DeWayne McCasland (Founder)

Even after 50 years, Pecans.com continues to grow. Their recent success of opening a store on Amazon will only expand the reach of this small town business throughout the country and potentially around the world. Pecans.com is a business Texas can be proud of, but aside from all their achievements, people at Pecans.com are simply grateful to be able to share their love of pecans.

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of Pecans.com.”

Joe Brooks (Co-Store Manager)